Boston Asset Based Lending solutions are rising in popularity as an alternative to traditional debt-based lending structures. After all, Boston ABL solutions promote growth, preserve credit ratings, and can be used by local businesses across all industries. However, since most lending channels do not offer flexible Asset Based Lending solutions in the Boston, Massachusetts area, not many entrepreneurs are aware of the benefits.

What Are Boston ABL Solutions?

ABL, or asset based lending, is a revolving line of credit created around various fixed assets owned by business. ABL solutions take into account fixed assets such as receivables, equipment, vehicles, machinery, owned property, and more, and derive a line of credit based on the overall value. The line of credit created through ABL solutions gives Boston, Massachusetts area businesses the increased purchasing power, and the ability to make larger financial decisions, without placing debt on the balance sheets or impacting business credit ratings. Just like other revolving lines of credit, businesses replenish the amount they use. Boston ABL solutions provide an extra source of working capital for as long as a business needs it.

Boston ABL Solutions Promote Growth

Boston ABL solutions are designed to grow proportionally with your business. As local entrepreneurs make improvements by moving into larger facilities, acquiring new equipment, making more sales, or taking advantage of investment opportunities, their fixed assets are re-evaluated. The amount of financing available through asset based lending is then increased to reflect positive growth and success. Many local small businesses have achieved rapid growth through asset based lending, and continue to use Boston, Massachusetts Asset Based Lending solutions to keep up the momentum.

Asset Based Lending Is Not A Loan

Despite the name, asset based lending is not a traditional loan. ABL solutions do not force businesses to take on unnecessary debt. One of the biggest complaints we see from new and small businesses is that traditional loans seem to be a necessary evil in today’s market. However, this is not the case. Given the prohibitively high requirements of traditional lending channels, many businesses are turning to our Boston ABL solutions as a flexible alternative that does not pile liabilities on the balance sheets. Boston ABL solutions give businesses a change to grow and thrive, without placing them in a situation where they are trying to get out from under bank debt.

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