In one month, businesses are going to see a yearly influx of sales. For local entrepreneurs, this means stocking up on supplies, getting advertising ready, and possibly hiring temporary workers to handle customers. Boston merchant cash advances are being used my local businesses to make sure this season is more successful than others.

Getting A Head Start With Boston Merchant Cash Advances

Boston merchant cash advances are being used by more local businesses as an alternative to bank loans. Merchant cash advances are an infusion of working capital which can be arranged quickly. Unlike traditional loans, Boston merchant cash advances do not have a singular designated purpose. Boston area businesses can use merchant cash advances for inventory, supplies, marketing campaigns, additional equipment, hiring employees, and anything else to prepare for the seasonal rush.

No Debt And No Payment Schedules

Boston merchant cash advances differ from traditional bank loans in two major ways. First, merchant cash advances do not place any deb on the books. Boston MCAs are designed to help local businesses get the most out of their extra working capital, instead of burdening them with debt. Second, merchant cash advances do not have payment schedules. Instead of making fixed monthly payments, a small percentage of sales goes towards paying off the balance owed. Since seasonal sales are typically much higher than other times of the year, the advance can be repaid quickly without having to budget out payments for years down the road. It should be noted that Boston merchant cash advances have not prepayment penalties. If business owners attempt to pay off the balance of a loan ahead of schedule, prohibitive fees are triggered. Banks want a return on their investment, and that can only occur through the interest spread out over monthly installments. Boston merchant cash advances promote success and help to drive sales, without placing a financial burden on local businesses.

Get Ready To Boost Your Sales

If you are preparing for the seasonal rush, and could use extra working capital without the entanglements of bank loans, talk to the experts at Clipper Commercial Capital. We provide working capital solutions to businesses throughout Boston, and many of our programs do not place any debt on the balance sheets. Whether you need additional inventory, funding for advertising, working capital, or anything else, we can help.

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