Equipment Leasing

Tired of having all of your working capital tied up in expensive equipment needed to run your company?  Now there is a way for you to use that capital to fund business growth, launch a new advertising campaign or cushion daily operations. Equipment leasing from Clipper Commercial Capital allows you to use the equity in your equipment now.

Benefits of Leasing Your Equipment

Whether your company has a substantial amount of funds tied up in expensive equipment or your office utilizes the simple basics, leasing your equipment has many benefits.

  • Free up Working Capital: Take the working capital out of your equipment and use it for the things you need now.
  • Keep Your Credit Lines Open: Leasing your equipment will give you the cash you need, without using money from your credit lines.
  • Finance Your New Business:  Many new companies have trouble finding the financing they need to grow their business. Our leasing program allows us to fund businesses that have been in operation for less than 2 years.
  • Upgrade Your Equipment: If you are in an industry where new equipment is continually being developed, leasing allows you to upgrade your equipment as soon as the next best thing comes along.

Why Choose Clipper Commercial Capital?

At Clipper Commercial Capital, we care about the financial health of your company. That is why we structure our leasing options to meet the needs of your business. With little or no down payment required, applying for an equipment lease is simple and affordable. Your application may be approved in as little as 24-hours, or 3 to 5 days for middle market and large ticket financing applications. With the best rates in the industry, you have up to 84 months to repay your loan.

Types of Leases We Offer:

  • Application up to $150,000. No financial statements necessary.
  • Middle market financing up to $500,000
  • Large ticket over $500,000
  • Little or no down payment
  • Numerous payment structures

Sale & Lease Back

Many companies need working capital for expansion and do not want to use their bank lines for working capital. We have a program that uses the equity in your existing equipment to give your company the working capital it needs. We buy your equipment and lease it back to you and when all the payments are made you own the equipment again.

Startup Program

Most financial institutions will not finance companies that are just going into business. If your company has just started in business, or has been in business for only a short time, usually less than two years, we can help you grow by financing the equipment you need to be successful.

B, C and D Credits

In these tough economic times many businesses have suffered financially. Additionally, the owners of these companies have seriously damaged their personal credit. We have developed a “second chance” program to help these companies. We can structure your financial needs to help you rebuild your company.

Government and Municipal Leasing

We can provide lease financing to any government or municipal entity with guaranteed approval. The rate is determined by the rating of the municipality or government agency. A partial list of who we finance is listed below:

  • Federal Government Agencies
  • Armed Services
  • State Agencies
  • Public Schools
  • Police Department
  • Fire Houses
  • Libraries

Call Today to Get Started!

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