Working With the Best Financiers in the Business

Clipper Commercial Capital is always looking for excellent brokers and referrals. We pride ourselves on paying top commission for leads and for the deals brought to us that we fund. If you are concerned with losing contact with a client, you can trust us to provide support. No matter the size of a referral, your deal is still yours, although we may require direct contact with clients during extensive financing situations.

Our referral and broker program even rewards return clients from previous referrals. In such an event, we will gladly direct former leads back to the original broker since we understand the power of a positive referral. All referrals are protected and honored, whether we end up providing funding the client or not.

Permanent Positions

If you would like to work with us as a broker, we are currently looking for brilliant minds to fill national sales positions. You may wish to consider the following benefits if you are unsure whether or not you would be a good fit with Clipper Commercial Capital:

  • Our company is a nationally recognized firm and is continually growing.
  • Unlike other, smaller lenders, we have the means and the capability to fund deals quickly and efficiently.
  • Our commissions are top dollar for the type of high quality work brokers need to succeed. You would not have to worry about pulling strings and working long hours only to come away empty handed.
  • The professionals we hire and work with are talented and will be an asset when seeking funding for clients.
  • With us, you can work from practically anywhere but still have access to our financing capabilities and impressive brand.

If this is the kind of atmosphere you are looking for, speak with one of our hiring representatives as soon as possible. We are searching for brokers who are highly motivated, experienced, and are not afraid of hard work.

Call Today!

To speak with a commercial financial representative to discuss a referral or about becoming one of our brokers, call 781-990-0710. Clipper Commercial Capital is searching for brokers who can help expand our business and provide excellent service to interested clients.