Boston business financing is not easily secured in the current economic landscape. Banks have prohibitively high requirements, which prevent new and small businesses from qualifying for loans. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs turn to funding operations out of pocket, when traditional Boston business financing is not available. However, there are flexible and affordable Boston business financing options available when banks are not in the picture.

Boston Business Financing To Improve Cash Flow

Cash flow is integral to the success of any business. When custom invoices go unpaid, a strain can occur. In these cases, accounts receivable financing can put things back on track. Accounts receivable financing improves cash flow by converting open invoices to working capital overnight. No longer do local business owners have to wait 30 days or longer to receive revenue. Many Boston area entrepreneurs employ accounts receivable financing as a means of preventing cash flow problems.

Boston Business Financing From Within

Many local businesses, across all industries, have the means to create sources of capital from within their own organizations. Asset based lending leverages the value of equipment, vehicles, machinery, receivables, and more to create a revolving business line of credit. There is no debt involved, and Boston businesses can increase the amount of financing available as they grow.

Unsecured Lines Of Credit

Unsecured business lines of credit are not just for companies with impeccable credit ratings and long financial histories. New and small businesses in Boston can also access unsecured lines of credit, with no collateral and rates as low as zero percent. The idea behind this form of Boston business financing is that small businesses need to be able to thrive, and healthy competition is good for the economy. Unsecured lines of credit give emerging businesses that extra edge to help secure their place in the market.

Boston Business Financing For Growth

There are many options available for growing businesses in the Boston area. From acquisitions and mergers, to purchase order financing to court larger client accounts, each can be customized to fit the needs of your business.

Finding The Best Boston Business Financing

At Clipper Commercial Capital, we offer diverse alternatives to loans, in order to meet the needs of small business owners in the Boston area. If traditional lending channels are not an option, or if you want to avoid taking on debt, contact our offices today.