Investor Based Financing Options

For large and small businesses alike, getting appropriate funding to run and manage a company requires skill, dedication, and often the assistance of an expert lender. At Clipper Commercial Capital, we are able to provide consultation and services to businesses that need working capital. We can help businesses find potential investors for joint ventures or private equity financing.

Choosing Suitable Investments

Often, a great business opportunity needs the right conditions in order to succeed. Some of the qualities that Clipper Commercial Capital looks for in a prospective investment include:

  • Recognizable and sustainable growth potential
  • A business plan that can generate revenue and increase value
  • Professional leaders and managers
  • A well thought-out exit strategy

If your business matches our criteria, we can provide a wide range of investment mandates such as leverage buyouts, corporate divestments, growth capital, and recapitalizations for all industries. At Clipper Commercial Capital, we have the resources and the contacts to assist companies to find suitable investors that can help increase revenue and value.

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All investment is a risk, and investors prefer to minimize risk by choosing businesses that can most benefit from venture capital or private equity programs. If your business is just starting or needs some extra funds and assistance, consider the benefits of seeking a third party investor. Call our office at 781-990-0710 to make an appointment.